Author Topic: How do I get a corporate sponsor for an international robotics competition?  (Read 2626 times)

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Our high school robotics team recently came first in the RoboCup competition, which allows us to go to the international competition in Graz, Austria.  However our school won't give a penny, and we need money to build a new robot, and pay for travel expenses.  Has anyone ever been in this fix before?  How do we get sponsors?  Do you know any companies that may want to sponsor us?  Please help.  Thanks.

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Have you read this yet?  http://www.societyofrobots.com/robotfunding.shtml
If so I would suggest just searching money in the search area there are tons of other people that have been in similar situations with some good ideas. See what you can find.

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you could try calling up some of the big companies that manufacture parts that you could use and ask them to donate some parts and in return it will help you learn and you will put their logo on your robot. also, you can look around for samples/scrap electronics, it isn't much but it helps...


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