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Hi guys.. i got an old wipper sniper engine and wondering wat to do with it..... if any1 can write a forum on tutoriol on it will help... please paste link here
My mate and me are bored and wanna make a crap go cart..... cart aford a rotary engine so were gone use a lawnmower... one proplem when u turn engine on side u needa find a new way to lubricate the engine... has any1 got any ideas????

This site is for robotics not combustion engine powerd go karts.

On topic- Why would you need a new way to lube the engine when you turn it over?

when you turn it over the oil wont get the anywhere and the gas wont go anywhere. so what i did was use a couple of gears. one to engine the other to the axil. For more information on go karts go to It will show you a basic plan on how to build a go kart and there is a forum like this one, but just for go karts

Thanks for rekindling my desire to build a go-kart.  :)
I've found some good sites, and are about to start designing it.


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