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I'm test trialing a new forum chat. Look up for this icon and click it:

The chat is mainly meant for off-topic chat, and stuff unrelated to debugging robots. Remember, it won't be saved or moderated! I won't answer robot questions in chat!

A few quick rules:

1) forum is better for debugging robot problems as it's searchable for other people
2) no spam
3) don't offend people

Since this is a trial, I will see how people like it. If you have opinions or suggestions on how to change it, let me know here!

im having trouble logging in? do we have to create a new account somewhere?
it wont let me log in with my current sor forum password... or main site password...?

Ok try again, I changed some permissions.

boo yeah! James is in!
and to new people in chat:
NOTE: when you type any character in the chat that is not a letter or number it will come up with a / next to it...
just to stop a million questions about it...

For those who have tested the chat, I've made a bunch of changes:

nicknames banned
channels limited
when logging in, you see the last 35 posts (I can increase this if anyone wants)
font color is now persistant
the characters / and ' no longer cause problems
I granted moderator status to several people (if you use the chat a *lot*, ask me for mod status)
     - note to self, see lib/config.php

change to come soon:
guests (not logged in) will be able to view chat


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