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Drill motor questions


Ok I'm was just wondering if I could take this big bulky part of a drll motor and just use the motor part. The bulky part can be taken apart by a few screws. And my last question is what does the assorment of gears and little tiny balls (cant see them in pic) underneath them.

sorry, my pics were too big so made a second reply.

so you don't tell us what you want to use it for.
presuming you want to drive a robo's wheels with it then the motor on it's own (without the gears) won't be much good.
the motor will spin too fast and with very little torque.
this would mean that the robot on a very smooth floor without much friction would set off at an uncontrollable speed but get stopped by the slightest little bump.
a far better plan would be to leave the gear box on but i still think it would be geared a little too high.


The gears are part of the planetary gearboxes which are on most drill/drivers, you mentioned something about metal balls, I'm guessing they are the bearings for it, they should probably be enclosed though, unless its a cheaper drill/driver.

I also have a drill motor, bur if ure using it to drive a robot wheel why do u have to remove the end? Many store sells wheel with big holes in the middle big enough to room the whole end of the drill motor. then it will sit better if its a little tight and u have to squees it in..!


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