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Not exactly robot related, but involves the same knowledge to make it. He apparently made it in a week. It also has a ~2% efficiency, so has lots of room for improvement!

MV CoilMaster Mark1 coilgun - Featured on Hacked Gadgets

owch, ive always wondered about coil guns and making them, but never wanted to go near that sort of power..
this guy is good, and his gun is good too!

Nice, i'm not %100 sure on how a coil gun works but thats pretty cool how it sucks the projectile from the magazine

a coilgun works by inducing a VERY strong magnetic field for a split second which pretty much sucks the metal towards it, when the bullet is around the middle of the coil, the coil has turned off the the bullet keeps on going...
you getting me? search for some info...

Ok!!! Physics guy here coming....

I need to check it out first.... I had a though that it may be the same cause a capacitor blows up....
But I gotta check... 


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