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ok, pleas correct me if i'm wrong. Now for a simple 2 wheeled robot r/c controlled i need (electronic part)
radio transmitter
radio reciever
crystal thingy
Now for the ESC do i need one for each motor. And do i need 2 recievers or just a atleast a 2 channel one

so usually you would get the radio transmitter, radio receiver and crystal thingy all in the same box from your local radio controll model shop. (you will probably get servos too.)
they stare at 2 channels but if you might want more features later on you might want to get a radio with more.

what is an ESC?
i can only guess it's a motor controller in which case you probably need one for each motor.
some moror controllers have 2 channels though in which case you would only need one. read the datasheet for your motor controller.

an alternative to separate motors and motor controllers is to modify your servos for continuous rotation and use them as your motor and controller combined. they will only be powerful enough for small bots but it would be a good place to start.
search for "continuous rotation servo"


thanks dunk I'll do that, and ESC stands for electronic speed controller so your right

actually the reciever and 'ESC' are included together. you plug your modified servos directly into the reciever. or if you use simple DC motors, you could also plug the motor controller into the reciever (depending on the motor controller input capabilities).

and you need a battery (up to 6V, unless you use a Y-harness for higher voltages) for the reciever, and i think 7.2V for the transmitter (usually comes with the transmitter).

so if you use in esc with that capability you don't need servos, and just plug that into the reciever


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