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Help a total noob motivated to build a robot :)



I came across this website via google. I looked at this tutorial.

Its good but doesnt explain exactly the components i need.

Why I decided to do this? Because i have to do a major science research project and as my interest was in computers, I looked up computer science and came across robotics. It seems really exciting. This might help me choose my career as well. I have 3-4 weeks to do it.

I want the robot to do the simplest task: to walk on 2 or 4 wheels whichever one is easier. The budget has to be as low as possible as I am not working. I would appreciate if you guys could explain every basic detail or give me a link to it.

According to the tutorial, I need 2 - 3" wheels. I have 3.5" wheels from a trolley which is of no use. Would that do? Also, what other parts do i need?

Hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.


--- Quote ---I would appreciate if you guys could explain every basic detail or give me a link to it.
--- End quote ---


Good to see there's someone else non-totally-experts here but me.. :P I have also just started out with a wheeled robot (as u can see at: Mechanics and construction, cheap, easy, non-advanced robot talk TOPIC) First out u need to find out what the robot is going to do. Drive? Open things?... If Drive, u could start out by buying a EL motor (Eletric motor) of course to rotate the wheels. Then decide if u want 1 EL motor for each wheel (It will make the drift power very high, but would cost alot, it would weigh alot and u would need alot of power to give max power to all motors.

Give me some feedback on how u figured it out.. :P

I am just going on the $50 tutorial. I sacrificed a new HDD for it. But i guess, it might pay off.

I dont like making others robots, i like making my own, speciel robots. Or theres nothing speciel about ure bot if u know many other people have made the same! just what i mean tho..! :-\


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