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i m planning to buid a robot that uses sonar,initially i have planned for it to be stationary and detect objects in its(sonars) range.

My problem is to find an algorithm that can distinguish objects on a plane perpendicular to the (sonars) cone's apex.meaning if there are 2 objects on the same plane it has to identify obj.1 is at co-ordinate say 0,20 and obj. 2 is at 10,20
Please help!

It would be helpful for you to describe the problem in polar coordinates rather than cartesian coordinates.

Take a look at the specs on the sonar unit - what is the beam width (in degrees) ?  Also, does the receiver only return a signal corresponding to the distance to the closest object, or does it process multiple bounced signal returns ?

If you have the possibility of steering the sonar beam, you can build a model which helps differentiate between objects.  Take a look at the tutorial on sonar on this website -


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