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so what a servo does is allow power to the motors, thus making them turn.
Well what does the servo switch and how does it do it.

A servo is not a motor

A servo is not built for continous rotation, and is at a certain angle depending on the square wave you feed into it. It has 3 inputs

A motor has 2 inputs and is built for continous rotation

A servo is a little contraption with a geared down motor and control board with feedback

The servo control board provides power to the motors until they reach the desired position

The servo control board turns the motors on and off in the direction needed

A servo can be used in a way like a relay, where one of the horns would push a high-amp switch or whatever. In electric rc racing the servo pushes the knob of a large variable resistor to make it go forward or reverse, more or less acceleration

where could i find one of these things




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