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Hi people!

I'm just new on this site and want to introduce myself to you. My name is Albert van Breemen and I'm from the Netherlands. A few months ago I started a website on robots called I publish all my projects on this site.

My latest project is the '50 euro robot project'! But I saw that also a $50 robot project exists on this site ;) It seems that we all want the same: have fun with robotics but for an affordable price! I will soon start publishing more information on how I manage to build a robot for 50 euros. Meanwhile I have a short movie on the results so far published at



check for the latest news on robots

Im traveling Europe right now so I was a bit amused by the 50 euro title . . .

Some of the members to this site are located in europe, and often mention frustration with the fact that it costs more to buy robot parts within europe (shipping, for one thing). I think you have a challenge ahead of you :P

Keep us updated! Im interested in how others would approach the same problem.

Hey Albert
I saw that in your 50 Euro robot video you are using the Arduino board, I'm planning on getting that for a robotics project that I plan to enter in this sites tutorial contest, I was wondering how well suited the Arduino is for robotics applications; like is the software user friendly, and does the board look likes it put together pretty well? Your the first person that Ive seen make a working robot with the Arduino.

Admin: Enjoy traveling Europe and if you're near Eindhoven in the Netherlands just send me a message! That's were I work and live!

By the way, I indeed bought my parts in the USA because it was cheaper.


The Arduino board is very VERY easy to use. One problem I had was with the USB driver that came with the software on the Arduino site. But I went to the official site of the chip manufacturer and downloaded the latest driver version. An other problem I currently have is when the board gets its power supply not from USB but from a battery, the program won't start. I have to mention that I'm just jusing the board for 2 days now and I do not read many manuals  :o  maybe I should  :)  The board is cheap and has sufficient I/O possibilities for a simple project like mine.

I hope to finish my article/report soon and I will publish it on my website (but will also let you know here!)


Hi there!

Today I published the first part of the 50 Euro Robot project! Check

Have fun!



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