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Im a young inventor looking for inspiration wherever i can find it. I have just started out making a wheeled robot with plans to arm it with wepons, sort of a Battlebot looking robot. I've made a homepage, logo ( My Profile picture) and started out with a Non-Advanced robot.

Anyone else here with not to advanced robots, who can tell me something about there robot?

Please visit my webside for my robots:

I'm gonna build admin's $50 robot and when I'm done I'll pass on anything I learned

Lets see.

I built a robot that searches for humans in run down places.  Using a pyroelectric sensor, IRPD, two DC motors, servo, and uh...  I think that's it, it would search for humans.  The pyroelectric sensor would search for human body heat, while the IRPD scans distances.  It scans a 13 places in an 180 degree or so array and finds the furthest area, then moves to it.  If it finds a human it moves to it and maps an area on a gps a human holds.   I actually won first place in the National Robotics Competition for this.

Second robot is for Batelle.  It's a massive, treaded robot.  They want me to turn it into a medical delivery robot.  Soooo...  I have an RFID Card Reader, RFID Tags, Ultrasonic Range Finder, Line Tracking Sensor, servos, and I think that's about it.  It has a huge DC motor hooked up to a servo controller (For the PWM).  The RFID is for the people to get their appropriate medicine.  The Rangefinder is to detect people in front of it.  Line Tracker is how it moves.  Servos are for the dispension of the trays.  And that's about it. 

I'm convincing Batelle to make it an office robot, because nurses have to make sure people TAKE their medicine and don't put it in their pocket or put it under their tongue.  It would be dumb having a tank follow a nurse around with an easily handled tray.

That's about it so far.  I'm only 16, so I haven't really gotten much done.  I'm trying to develop Artificial Intelligence only to find out that I can't afford it and have to virtually model it  :-[

If you want to know anything I learned, feel free to ask

WoW. This is a little to advanced for me, but how much would a robot like this cost? not the buying price but the price for all the parts u needed to build it?
And that ure 16 and so good within robotic shows that if u keep on u will presumably be something when u grow up. I hope i diden't missunderstand the age!

The most simple weapon is a spinning blade, that might cost 25 bucks, it just uses a blade from a saw and a servo and motor. You really dont need to worry about torque or anything like that, as long as its a sharp blade and it spins fast. The robot part will probably cost about $50-$100, unless you have radio recievers, transmitters, motors, servos and motor controller laying around the house.


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