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--- Quote from: jshalcott on April 04, 2007, 10:22:29 PM ---The most simple weapon is a spinning blade, that might cost 25 bucks, it just uses a blade from a saw and a servo and motor. You really dont need to worry about torque or anything like that, as long as its a sharp blade and it spins fast. The robot part will probably cost about $50-$100, unless you have radio recievers, transmitters, motors, servos and motor controller laying around the house.

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An even simpler weapon is to make your robot a wedgebot. 

Yeah, i've thought a little about just making the robot drive fast and make some spikes of nails or screws. This won't cost anything because i allready have it and it will be affective! But it would be much cooler with a blade and it would take more damage in a battle against another robot!

Is that a smart idea or?

Dont put weapons on a bot unless you've built a few robots beforehand, I reckon

Anything could happen

I have some schematics and designs for an EMP generator.  You could turn that on for 1/2 a second and the other robot would be dead  ;D    Except you'd have to have 4 outlets running to it.   ::)


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