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Help needed to decide whats the best choice!

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I have built a remote controlled car (Not wireless tho, working on that) and i have:
- 2 front wheels for a swing mechanism
- 2 wheels (A little further back then the front wheels) for driving
- 1 Wheel driven by 1 9V EL motor
- And in the back, 2 wheels for support.

NOW! what i need help to decide is, would u have removed the 1 wheel driven by a 9V EL motor and used the motor to drive a wepon, like..a saw or something or keep it for ekstra spees boost?

Please give me Feedback, i really need it to decide..! :-\

Like, I used to have a lot of similar toughts about weapons and stuff......hacking things to pieces and the like......

if you have a weapon, this could be quite heavy, and, with a motor with a 9v battery attached, will it be a weapon?

if you try and speed something up with a motor connected to a 9v battery, then this could either be pointless, or i'm sure if the motor cannot keep up, then this could produce it's own flaws. Generative effects?

If it was me, I would remove the motor and put some sort of extra circuit in, like a lazer pointer........something like that.

Build an electrokinetic gun!!!  Those things are fun!  You can shoot BB's or shiny aluminum rings at people, and that can be controlled with simple power from a battery.  And they shoot them at incredible velocities that it becomes extremely hazardous.  Range is always an advantage  :D

Yeah..Gun is maybe a good idea.. :-\
I was thinking a little about a round blade powered by a thick rubber band attached to the rotating pin at the EL motor.

I have made a sketch of the robot and how it looks like now in a 3D program.
Would u like me to put it on the forum, Or give u a link to my homepage with the photos on? ???

Either one would be nice.


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