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Microcontroller Help Needed!!


Hey Guys, Help Is Needed!!!!

I have read up about microcontollers and think i have found one suitable, however i need someone (preferably a few people) to confirm that it is suitable for programming chips for my robot building, i dont want to buy it and realise that it wont be of any use!

 the link is below, thanks very much guys   :)


PICs are a nice choice.  I use them to do my robots and such.  It supports several different types of PIC chips, which is a plus.  Those microcontrollers are nice, because you can get many for free off of the microchips sampling page.   This allows you the flexibility of choosing your unique chip for each robot project and they aren't extremely expensive.

My friend got the BASIC Atom Pro microcontroller and now faces moving chip from bot to bot, because they are $60 each.  It's a nice choice, I'd stick with it. 

If you are fairly new with programming and robot construction, look at Microchips  Mechatronics development board.  It's $150 but it got me started and as good as I am today.  It's pricy though.  I got mine from Batelle, because they wanted me to build a robot for their company. 

cheers m8 tht really helps

yes im new, never programmed before lol,
so after i program the chip do i have to build the circuit around the newly programmed chip??
is that what you were on about in the last bit with the prices board??


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