Author Topic: New mini PC board with CUDA offers 10's of billions of calculations per second.  (Read 2403 times)

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Nvidia have this rather cool new PC concept:
It seem to be primarily aimed at home HD TV and as a low cost but effective gaming platform. However you can do CUDA programming on it, making use of the 16 microprocessor cores on the graphics card to do an extraordinary number of floating point operations per second (10's of billions).
That is one powerful punch on one tiny card.

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I want one. Seems that nvidia board is only a reference design and they arent selling it (what I gathered). I could only find the zotac which is a larger ITX format -- but still small size compared to ATX.

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Ion is still under development, but they probably gonna release it by the end of the year. But CUDA and, futurely, OpenCL are amazing. Buy four gtx 295, put them on an 4 PCIe mobo(no need for SLI) and there you have: your own DeepBlue. It is a shame that those chip cant do otherthings(datatransfer, logical operations) as effective as they do number crushing but once this wall is down our pcs will "be faster then the speed of light".(and that will be a good bye to x86 architecture too :) )
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