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Anyone here playing "Robot Arena 2"? i do and maybe u would like to post ure meaning of the game. Or if u got questions about the game.
- A little about "Robot Arena 2": It a robotic game where u can build ure own robot starting out with the shape of it, then size and then arme it with wepons, motors, wheels, extra stuff and batteries. A great way of learning how u can built robots and simply what u need to wire up a robot (sort of a "Battlebot" with the wepon.
!!!: not a robot driving around by sensors and radars but radio controlled bots where u have to wire up ure controll as well by connecting the Forward - Backwards driving mechanismes!

If u have anything to say about this subject, be happy to post it..:D im glad for all feedback on my subjects i can get..!

I think the robot wars games were good, but failed because computer games are all about being outlandish.

Anything like RoboPit on the Playstation is what I like about the robot building and fighting genre.

Then again, I like cooking mama and wario

If u dont have "Robot arena 2" i strongly recommend buying it. U can model ure own Robot and then make it in reality, like a planing device!:D

I think it was robot arena 1 I played and have to say those were the worst graphics I have ever seen. Just go to miniclip and play robot rage. it's online vs other people

Yeah but with Robot Arena 2 u can play online with other players on the game just beeing connected to the internet. And the graphic has been much improved and if u got a very good graphic gard u can change the graphic from 600*800 to far over 1000


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