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Can anyone PLEASE explain me (Easy) not to advancedso i cant keep up how to wire a battery to a Motor, but with driving it with a remote? So the motor won't rotate when i wire the battery to it but when i press the button on the remote?! ???

do you have a receiver on the vehicle? into the receiver does the power and ground, and from there the servo's and whatnots connect

The easiest way to do this is use modified servos as your motors, so all you have to do is hook the battery into and plug it into the r/c reciever. There is a way to do it with an motor, but that takes an motor controller or and ESC and also some servos and a some kind of a switch or a relay.
If your going to have a small robot go with the servo, if medium or large use the motor idea

I would say its medium, and i cant put in a servo now and remove the motor. I found it kinda confusion the way u explained how to connect the motor (9V) to a battery and at the same time connect it to the controller. It would be great if some of u could make a painting in "PAINT" where u draw all the pieces and show me with arrows where to connect the wires.

ed1380: right now i dont have a wireless control so i do not have a reciever i just got wires coonected directly from the controller to the motor(S)


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