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Need help, PLEASE!


Can anyone PLEASE explain me (Easy) not to advanced so i cant keep up how to wire a battery to a Motor, but with driving it with a remote? So the motor won't rotate when i wire the battery to it but when i press the button on the remote?!

Some equipment you'll need is a motor controller of some kind.  You can use a microcontroller and hook it to an H-Bridge if it is DC.

By remote I'm taking it as being wireless in some way.  You will need a reciever for the remotes signals, which will be connected to the microcontroller.  If it is not wireless, then hook it straight up to the microcontroller.

I do believe it is possible to make just an electronic circuit, but I am unsure of what types of remotes and such you are using.  If the remote is wired, then you can take a look at something Knex puts out.  Wireless is going to be a good deal more difficult.

by remote he means having a wire coming from the remote going to the vehicle


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