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IC Protection Circuit required


I've manage to fry a very expensive chip 300 pounds  :-[

As i've inherited the project i assumed the power protection circuit was good anywayz heres what we have:

Were using a 7.2V 1900mAh battery which powers up a FPGA and DSP board
The DSP board requires about 5v and 600mA (The chip is on a F2812 eZdSP board)
The FPGA requires 5.5V and 600mA

Currenty they are wired in paralell as follows:

We need to make sure there is a constant 5V supply and 600 mA current and the DSP can draw more current when required. The DSP kept switching on and off till it burnt out.

When investigating we found the Voltage Regulator was not stepping downt he voltage were assuming there is no current protection in the setup in the diagram above.

Can anyone suggest how we can protect our expensive chips in future?

switching power regulator or did you use those already

We have a L7805c its not currently setup as a switching regulator it says on the first link you have there it provides a 3A output current how do we reduce that down to 600mA

Thats the max output current.

hi Ratfink,
as ed1380 points out,
as long as you have the voltages correct there should be no need to regulate the current.
the chip *should* only draw what it needs.



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