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Where to start?? no really!!


I'm looking to make a hexapod! I've already done it once a long time back..

I want to know where to start in the basics... like what kind of breadboard I need for the latest atmel's microcontroller for example!!

I have the design and stuff at hand BUT all I need to know is where I can get (the basic electronics) a board and chip if necessary?? including the specs of the microcontroller!!


should I get the custom OOpic stuff (which I know nothing about) ?? and IF I do will it be flexible enough??

This is the real basic stuff that I didn't see addressed anywhere.. If I'm wrong please correct me and direct me to a place that'll address these queries!

Check out this website.  It's well known for hexapods.

They have plenty of code and robots out there you can base your robot off of.

Thats to advanced for me..! :-\


--- Quote ---Thats to advanced for me..!
--- End quote ---
Hexapods in general are fairly advanced :P

check here for microcontrollers:

you need a digital output port for each servo you plan to put on your hexapod


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