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I'd like to work on an image analalis program with my friend, and it would run on a windows computer.  Right now, I'm trying to get some basic functionality before i make it interface with a robot.  I really don't know much about windows programming though... does anyone have any good links for this?  I need to make it load a file, display a pic, and be able ti manipulate arrays of pixels (and then later do serial port com. with a robot).  Would this be reasonable with C++ (I currently do C++ command prompt style)?  Sorry, this isn't the best place to ask this question, but i don't seem to have anywhere else to go...  at least i can draw a connection to robotics!  THANKS A WHOLE BIG BUNCH!!!:)

I just posted this info in another thread -


You'll find a nice library of functions with source code and a supporting textbook here -

Also, just to experiment with different image processing techniques in a system that's integrated with live camera feeds, take a look at

thanks... does anyone know how i could get started with a simple windows program?  I used to know a tutorial, but i lost it when my compiler got all screwy.  all i need is normal c++ functions + windows and picture :).  THANK YOU


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