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hey guys

im wanting to buy a microcontroller, i think i have found one on the net.. ..but if it is advertised as "K8048 PIC Microcontroller Programmer Kit" is this a microcontroller AND a programmer in one or is it just a programmer FOR a microcontroller ????  ???

Thanks in advance


You get a PIC16F627 with the programmer.  The experimenter board is ok, but it gets old real fast.  If you're just dabbling, it's ok, but if you plan on really getting into programming PICs I'd invest a little more and get something expandable with a ZIF socket.  Plus some of the cheaper programmers have a limited selections of PICs that you can program.


Yeah, I use these for all PICs


The one below can program loads of stuff. My tutor told me about them, I have never personally used them, but take a look. You can only buy them on ebay I think


Look at the supported chips list!


and you also get these free, which are supposed to be expensive:

PLCC32-DIP32 and PLCC44-DIP44 adapter(socket verstion)

the microcontroller mentioned in the question doesnt have any I/O ports?? so how would have outputs e.g. motors if the programme uses them???


The thing is a programmer, so you would not be able to access the I/O ports from the board.  The chip provided actually has 16 I/O ports built into the chip.  They are the pins on the chip, which can be accessed using DIP sockets on a separate board.  This board is meant to allow you to program a specific chip, then place the chip on another application.  An example:

You use this programmer to program your chip you get with the set.  Afterward, you remove the chip and place it in a socket on the top of your robot and it runs. 

Hope This Helps. 


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