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Ive been going thru the build a robot for 50 dollars tutorial, i havent been able to start building yet (im in europe and waiting for the parts to come in) but im trying to get my batteries strait.  in the tutorial a 6v 100mah charger is rigged to charge the 6v 2000mah battery.  then only one ive been able to scrap is a 6vDC 250mAh, will this work or should it be exactly 6v 100mah.  also i have several other batteries around from various rc aircraft, some already with chargers. 8.4v/750mAh,   7.2v 900mAh,  6v/300mah,  and a 1000mah (not sure of the v, but its 7cell) would any of these be sufficient to run the robot?  Also, what sort of connection should be used(not sure if it matters) on the 6v 2000mah battery, because when i go to buy from onlybatterypacks.com im asked to choose a connection.
                             any assistance would be much appreciated.

What kind of battery you use strictly depends on the power you use.  If you're running a 5V board then you won't waste a lot of energy on the voltage regulator, but then you have to have a low dropout voltage regulator which isn't expensive, but it's not something you find at Radioshack.  If your controlling motors with variable resistors, you'll be losing energy thourgh the resistors as opposed to a pwm system to control a motor.  Actually there are even regulators that use pwm to reduce wasted energy, but they're bulkier and more expensive.  It really depends on what you're doing.  In one application, I'm using a small 600mah battery which would last me for 5 hours, but that's only cause I'm drawing only .1something amps.

ie .6 Amp hours / .1something Amps = ~5 hours

Also, mind the max amp draw of the batteries, especially if it's a LiPo.  Too much draw will light you fire.

A constantly moving robot will draw much more energy than one that moves briefly, does a bunch of calculations, then moves again.

  thanks for the help, but honestly most of that sounded like greek to me(low drop out voltage regulator, variable resistor, pwm.).i do realize that it depends on what power i use but im not actually clear on what power i will be using, if that makes sense.  im a beginner in every since of the word.....i have some experience with servos, and plugging what wires go where, but other than that i have no background in electronics, circutry, motors or anything else.  im using the tutorial as an experimental crash course introduction to robotics, (which is something ive wanted to do ever since i can remember) so forgive my naivety.

http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/study.htm That is a great site. read everything on there.

thanks for the link...im going through it right now and it really seems to be more of my speed at this point.


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