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Size mathers?

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I've taken appart a small wheeled robot and wonder if i can replace the batteries with bigger with more power and the EL motor with a bigger and more powerfull! Or: Can't the eletric card take anymore power because its made for low power running true it? :-\

Normally the board will have voltage regulators on so that, in any case, there were higer voltages being fed in, this wouldn't matter,

However, you would need to know what one looks like if you want to see it on your board. Look it up on google.

With the motors, you COULD put larger ones one with larger batteries, but normally, you just want a car that isnt mashed up or whatever..............

I guess as far as a robot goes............the interesting thing is the brain and the sensors............for much of robotics large power isnt needed unless it has to carry loads or do things at certain speeds etc.

You get what I mean?

Yeah thanks. So i will change the battery and the motor, couse if i only change batterys the motor will be destroyd and if i only change the motor the battery won't be able to drive it, am i right?

Well it depends on quite a few things. Look at the motor. Does it have a highest rating printed on it?

Are  you able to look on the internet for the datasheet etc?

be careful, the motor driver might not be able to handle the higher power draw (voltage * current = power) . . .


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