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How many Volt is needed?

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Im making a 2 wheeled robot. I haven't started yet but im thinking of a small 2 wheeled robot, not heavy at all. Im just wondering: Should i buy two 6 V motors or two of this options: 1,5 V, 3 V, 4,5 V or as said 6 V??

I think 3v is what a lot of people use for smaller robots.

Thing is, since most other circuitry uses 5v, then this makes sense to use a 3v motor because you are stressing it a bit, yeah, but it's light.

Normally you would want to be getting one of these with a gearbox on, because they spin quite fast usually

Like this:

Yeah but on those u need 4 wires connected to them!:(

I prefer 2 for turning and 2 for drifting

Normally each motor needs two connections.


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