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If i buy one of theese:
Can i buy a motor or a servo connected (not with wires) but screwed together or glued so they stick together. The motor or servo will be connected at the top with the rotating pin pointing down at the product i gave u the link to. The motor or servo will only be able to spin 90 degrees at each side (180 degrees together) So if the robot is going to turn the motor or as said servo will turn to the side its going to turn to and because its connected to the product it will also turn the product (With wheels) to one of the sides and then make the robot turn. Will this work and make the robot turn?? ???

If u dont understand what i've been trying to explain here post what u dont understand and i will answar as soon as possible.
By the way, with saying "Product" i mean the thing on the picture on this page:

So you're saying turn the thing in the picture (which will have the bot's 2 wheels on it) to steer the robot, right?

Is it going to be like a car? Use rack and pinion if yes.

Draw a diagram and post plz.

Ok i will draw in 3D and prtscn it! My plan was using the "Thing" on the picture for both driving and swinging by turning it when turning and make it stand right ahead for driving right ahead! But i will post a planning picture so it will be easyer to understand.
And again sorry for writing the same post in different categories!

* A chassie, i'll figure that out
*A motor:
* This driving mechanisme:


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