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i use PIC controler to triggle my H-brigde for my motor......with +5V at Vcc and transistor input.....
its too slow compare that i apply +5v directly to the motor......
anyone can help me......
i dont know the motor specification because i get it from my old toy......

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polar bear6:
hmm, for me it sounds like the motor is bad, most toy motors are not efficient, try to get motors from portable walkmans and CD players, they usually have good motors.
you can also check the toy, use a multimeter to check the current and voltage on the motor when its wired to the toy.
i would have changed motor, since most toy motors are not that good.

but when connect the motor to the battery directly. it run quite fast.
when it pass through the PIC and H-bridge,its alow and only last for 9minute only.....
i use 4 1.2V 3800mAh battery....

Increase the pulse width of your PWM. the speed of your motor is directly related to PWM.

For a PIC, off the top of my head, i think you send from 0 to 1028, where that number directly determines pulse width. make sure you send it a long int and not an int, which maxes out at only 256.

i didnt use the PWM to control motor speed....i use the port B of PIC16F876A to give signal to the H-bridge so the +5V of Vcc can flow in the H-bridge and make the motor rotating.....
signal pattern is 1010 and 0101 so that the motor will rotate in clockwise and anti-clockwise...

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