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I have a motor with a 1/8 shaft on it. I can't find a sprocket with that size of a bore. can anyone help me, or is there a way to make a shaft bigger?

I was wondering if this servo thing will work on my motors

so i have used this sort of thing to connect a wheel straight on to a gear motor:
i don't know if that suits your purpose.

i know i have seen sites with all sorts of hardware for joining all sorts of drive shafts, cogs, pulleys, bells ,whistles, etc.
keep searching on the internet. there definitely are some out there. if i stumble across any links in the mean time i'll post a link.

i don't think that servo coupler is what you are looking for unless you want to connect a 1/8th shaft to a servo...
what about these:


I think that will be perfect, as long as you can fit aluminum tubing in it. thanks dunk

if you have access to a drill press, they are pretty easy to make :D


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