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VB.NET starting out (VB 2005)


I just got a summer placement!

However, as part of this I will be using VB.NET which I have no experience with whatsoever.

Will I be best to learn VB 2005, since this is more up to date?

Any advice on starting out, books etc ?

Yes, go with the more up to date version.  They will most likely be using it, though it might be good to look into it. 

Here is a useful tutorial

And here is one with a couple of links

If you like books better, I would recommend  They usually have anything you need.

Hey cheers. The 2nd link is really nice!

I bought 2 books off amazon and downloaded the vb2005 express edition in the end

Plus..........I think I need to explain to the company they may need to update to 2005.....


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