Author Topic: Nostalgia Critic Review of Short Circuit Movies  (Read 2418 times)

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Nostalgia Critic Review of Short Circuit Movies
« on: July 19, 2009, 11:30:11 AM »
Whether we like to admit it or not, popular culture is one of the largest reasons we got interested in hobby robotics.  The Short Circuit movie series was very inspirational in particular; many hobby robots have the Johnny 5 design (see Lynxmotion's products).  Unfortunately the movies themselves were... kind of mediocre.

Anyway, I found an amusing review/riff of both films by the Nostalgia Critic.  Although the humor is not entirely robot related, parts of it are absolutely hilarious for robot enthusiasts.  Besides, they're movies about a robot, so I think its fitting to post this in a robot forum.

NOTE: There is some strong language and questionable content in the video.  Viewer discresion is advised.

Video on main website:
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Re: Nostalgia Critic Review of Short Circuit Movies
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2009, 05:29:50 PM »
True, the Short Circuit movies weren't the best.
I didn't appreciate a lot of aspects of them.

I did appreciate one or two things about the second movie: in particular Johny Five's wish to be accepted among other people. I relate to that one scene where he walking with his friend over the bridge in the city at night, telling him how he feels lonesome and rejected.

I personally have autism, so rejection, teasing, and being taken advantage were sometimes a big part of my life. I also believed at one point in my childhood that I was more like a machine than a human because I couldn't always understand my emotions or why I always took things so literally. Also, like Johny Five, I too would quote and echo different things from TV, (echoing words or phrases happens to be a trait of autism)! So I connected a lot with a part of this robot from a very young age.

Again, there were a ton of aspects in the actual movies that I really did not appreciate. But Johny Five was awesome! He's the guy who actually got me into robotics!
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