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beginner programming help!!
« on: July 31, 2009, 02:05:48 PM »
Well I got everything correct on the first try because im a check twice maybe three times then solder it takes alot longer but there is no mistakes or just one minor mistake. But when all assembled my bot spins and spins so i searched the forums i came up with several posts of my servos no being centered but most of the posts recommend to redo it but i cannot because not did i remove the pot but i destroyed it removing it and replaced with not precise resistors so still not centered. How do I compensate for this is in the code?and one more thing my sister destroyed my photsensors playing with them so i have to wait for more to come in so how can i program the code to do a very basic preprogrammed route i.e go straight,left.straight,left,straght effectively making a square or some other route to play with the speed and movement until i get my sensors.

edit: i figured it out but if anyone has any advice or programming tips for me to do unitl my new sensors come in or timing for routes delay_ms i have no clue
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