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VEX build season
« on: August 01, 2009, 02:25:58 AM »
Hi. I am a highschool student of team 2438 and on a branch of Public Relations. Iolani robotics is actively involved in the First Robots Competition as well as the current competition VEX. Using VEX standard parts, we are participating in this years game cleansweep.
Since VEX does not host any sort of incentive toward websites that promote and share information, I have had trouble finding teams sharing information and ideas and encourage ppl to post their findings online.  As an example we'd like to offer our frequently updated site at there are some bugs and temporarily coded sections like the menus but we are revamping it slowly :P

so i am asking that you:
follow our developments
share your comments and critiques on our prototypes, designs and webpage
if applicable, post your own websites or encourage others to do so.

Thanks. Lets build the VEX community.


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