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When i thought of a tank style robot,  i knew it was about driving but I thought about making a replica of one on a robot using a paintball gun as the gun. well i was going to configure the gun for the robot. but what i was thinking is use a servo to pull the trigger, well how would i put the servo arm back in place instead of having to go back and forth manually every single time. you know what i mean like you push the button and the servo pulls the trigger and automaticlly goes back to the first position

Hmm.. from what I imagine from your description, the servo will control a finger-like device that'll actually pull the trigger. So if that's the case, firing and resetting would just be moving the servo/finger so it pulls the trigger, holding it for a second or less, then returning to another position, where the finger is off the trigger, so the regular paintball gun will reset the trigger on its own?

Are you really sure the spring pushing the trigger back will have enough force to move all those gears back in place

All the gears? What do u mean? The trigger of the gun should be able to reset on its own, since you can fire a paintball gun repeatedly on your own normally..

Regarding the robotic part, if you use the servo to reset the finger-device, then it wouldn't need the springs of the gun to swing back?

I may not be understanding what you mean exactly, so please tell me if I'm not making sense :)

Here's how someone physically attached the servo.. it might help:


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