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Does anyone know where i can download a realistic simulator or robot builder for a windows?
I started this topic awhile back but it got way off topic  ;D

IIRC you can use vmware to emulate linux in windows and get a linux robot simulator

no, no more linux, 1. i dont know how to use VMware and i dont have the time to read the manuel or fidn the right one, 2. i got a program called partition magic but i still cant partition my harddrive for linux, 3. I understand that i need to understand some sort of programming launguage and i dotn want to learn another at this point in time

so please windows only

Well it's great to see that kind of dedication in this world. But seriously if all you want is the mechanical side of it I would recommend AutoCAD but it WILL BE EXPENSIVE!!! If you want a software emulator without a language then Lego mindstorms would be easy. This is a technical field of sorts and having to learn something new should not be avoided. If you need to get off the ground quickley then ask someone to help with EXACTLEY what you need, I'm not saying that anyone would but it's worth a shot. As we who work in customer support like to say Good Luck With That!!!

I have full access to autoCad 45 minutes for 3days a week and 90 minutes on another.

But i want something in the range of a 3D simulator where i can construct/upload a robot in it and program and put parts on etc....

Pretty much something to help me design the bots before construction and see how they can fare in various conditions


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