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orangutan microcontroller


I have a few questions about this microcontroller, if anyone could answer them that would be great.

-Can i make my own programmer?  If so could someone show me a tutorial or point me somewhere?  If not, is there a cheap programmer for this chip?

-Can this microcontroller control servos? If not, and i need to get servo controller, how would the servo controllers connect to the orangutan? through the analog to digital sensor ports??


have a look at this thread:

i stopped using the orangutan because I didnt like it very much. for at least a year now they have claimed they "will be adding more [tutorials, support, etc.] in the coming weeks." but they never have and never will. shocked that they offer ZERO sample code.  >:(

you can make a programmer, but i never have so good luck . . .

the programmers cost like $30, and you can get one from Digikey.com . . . although they seem to be out of stock at the moment.

all microcontrollers can control servos. just connect the signal pin to a digital port on the microcontroller, and pulse a squarewave with software:

Thanks for the response. 

Can i ask what you use now? 

I was also thinking about the cerebellum but it seems that they arent selling it currently.  I also just recieved the book called "robot builder's bonanza," and that book makes the basic stamp 2 + breadboard and motor controllers sound like a pretty good solution for a robot brain.

Currently i am using the cerebellum (http://botrics.com/products/cereb/) because its really user friendly with lotsa source code. Also tons of features. Seems they have stopped stocking new ones . . . I believe they are going to release a new cerebellum but that runs on Atmel instead of PIC's. I have seen the prototypes, looks real nice. I might consider getting one, but I am not sure what the finalized features will be . . .

I'm considering buying the Wiring board soon:

The basic stamp is good for beginners, but seriously lacks in capability for what i need. But it has a lot of source code, which is really good.


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