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Sonar programing. HELP PLEASE!


Hello I am asking what would be the best sonar programing for my 50 $ robot.I looked in Avrlib but I  can not understand any of those source codes because I cant understand the labels. Anyway I also created a post on what sonar would be best to get for my 50$ robot (Please do not have the sonar be over 35 dollars). IF you could include that information to I would be very grateful. Do you have any sonar tutorials? thanks.

People have seemed to be very active talking about sonar.  I would try to look at the other forum posts to learn stuff.  If there's anything else, look google quick, and we can get back to you. 

The forum seems to randomly fluctuate on topics.  One day it's the $50 robot, the next day it's sonar.  Quite interesting, it's worth giving a look at.  Google should have plenty of sources, but we can alway help if you have any further quetsions.

Thanks alot. I will check out the forums and then google. I may need help putting the code thing where ever it goes but I will ask about it when the time comes!

I have source code for using sonar for this robot up:

 (its the very bottom link that says source code)

sonar tutorial

to buy sonar, check out the devantechs here:

a good way to search the site is here:


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