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Component pc board. HELP.

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Hello I bought a component pc board with 750 holes(bigger than tutorial, is that ok? Also I have a 15 watt solderer. What is the recomended wattage? Also what solder should I use in diameter because My radio shack does not go by gauge. I bought .62" diameter solder. Will that be good . Please help me. Thanks.

hmmm. I still don't know if I should start with the current parts I have does anybody have a clue about what I should do. Thanks.

you could use that board just start everything in one corner.

IDk about the solder. about how mamy mm is it?

The soldering iron is fine, no worries.  That's standard.

Your board should be fine.  I agree with ed1380 and you should start in a corner, you can cut the board down as you like if you wish to make it smaller.

I'm unsure about the solder.  I second ed's question.

The solder is fine. 0.032" is better, but I did electronics for years with just 0.064".

I guess you guys don't know how to use a calculator, or maybe you don't know how to convert between imperial and metric. Here's a hint, mm to inches is 25.4. If you can't remember, ask Google (like everything else)

  0.064 inches in mm

Google responds with:

  0.064 inches = 1.6256 millimeters

Google can convert between all kinds of things, including temperature (F and C), many different measurement units, currency, etc.

- Jon


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