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what is your guys opinion on TB100PK?
IMO for $20 it can't be beat. no need for a stand since it's a handle type. and you can use alot of stuff instead of a sponge

I cannot view it.  Perhaps send another link?  or maybe the part has it's own website?   :(

You need to provide the Digikey part number. The search uses a cookie that is on your computer, and doesn't help us at all...

- Jon

sry '

I personally have both a soldering gun, and a soldering iron. There's a reason the pros use soldering irons for electronics work. It is very difficult to hold a gun-shaped object very precisely, especially since the heavy heating coil is inside. A good soldering iron weighs almost nothing, and is held much like a pencil, which makes the whole thing much more steady and simple.

Use a soldering gun for house and car (read: heavy duty) soldering. Use a soldering iron for electronics.

If you're serious about robotics, you will end up spending more on your tools than you do on your actual robots. A good soldering iron is really fundamental. You're going to spend between $100 and $200 for a decent quality iron, and its very worthwhile, because you spend so much time working with it.

- Jon


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