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AVR erase and verify, necessary?


Im programming my AVR, and have noticed that the optional erase and verify functions double the time it takes to program.

I reason that if I turn them off, I can test my AVR much faster . . . so perhaps I can uncheck the boxes that say:

"Erase Device Before Programming"
"Verify Device After Programming"

Is this a bad idea? Are there good reasons I want these boxes checked?

i'm using AVRdude programmer using a home made cable on Linux and i definitely need to erase before i program.
i'd imagine this will be the same for all setups.

as for verifying, i don't think i have ever had my setup fail when there was no problem with something else (like i've forgotton to power the AVR or something) but i usually leave it on just to check everything is ok.

so it typically takes between 30 and 60 seconds for me to flash an AVR with erase, program and verify steps.
how long is it taking you?
you are using a serial port programmer on a windows platform if i remember rightly?

i followed this first time round and it has instructions for windows as well.
maybe it's worth you trying that way if your getting times much over a minute.


ehhh its about 30 seconds to program, but without the verify its half that . . .

When I tweak constants, its nice to make changes quickly, thats all . . .

ah, yup. in that case, while i think you'll still need the erase step (it's very quick anyway), loose the verification step.
it will save you a bit of time but personally i find it worth leaving on to remind me when i don't have something connected properly...



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