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one of my senior mentor(who is helping me build a robot) has asked me to do some work on sonar detection.
Can anyone get me the algorithm developed in carneige mellon university in the 1980s.
i have searched it a lot on the web but am not able to find it.please mail it to [email protected]!!

i am attaching a file with this machine  have that object which comes in the path of the sway of my sonar.The sonar's field of vision moves like the to and fro motion of the wind shield wipers on the car.Of course the sonar can detect that object.My problem is this---> the algorithm has to pin point the location of the object (as some co ordinates).One more thing ,the setup is stationary (apart from the sonar which i have already explained how it sways)

Hmm.. do you have the name of the algorithm, or paper that does the method you want? If you do, I can probably find the paper online for you.. I study at Carnegie Mellon :P

 I think it must be called CERTAINTY GRID algorithm and it is in developed in 1980s.
one of the papers i saw says this "A pioneering method for grid-type world
model has been developed at Carnegie-
Mellon University."

Try this paper:

- Jon


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