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50 dollar robot wire


Hello. I am unsure what type of wire to use in the 50 dollar robot. It just says "wire" (it is in the part where you start soldering the "black wire". I was wandering if an elcectronics lab kit that I got for X mas  a couple of years ago from radio shack has the proper wire. They are thin and plastic coated. Will this work or is there a recommended wire type.thanks.

Wire is generally rated by its gauge- AWG (American Wire Gauge), so weather it will work or not depends on that. Generally most prototyping is done with 22 AWG, but if its not carrying a lot of current , you can generally get away with 22-28 AWG. hope that helps you.

scroll down about halfway until you see a gauge - current chart

if you know the current, you will know if your wire is ok to use


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