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Ok I just got some help from a guy in software and he said I need 22-28 gauge wire for  my  robots. I am currently doing the 50 dollar robot tutorial. I am at the part where you need to wire some things together when making the board. The tutorial never specifies what gauge wire to use. I have 20 and 22 gauge speaker wire. "Branndon" says I should use 22 awg. I  have this but it is speaker wire. I that what I should be using?Thanks.

One more thing the wire comes attatched with another wire ( a black one and a purple one). Do I split these apart and use them seperately, or do I leave them connected? Remember it is speaker wire. Thanks.

I think I will just split the wires and try it. PLease tell me if what I am doing is right. Thanks.

you can leave it together when using it for the photosensors, and rip them apart for wiring under teh pc board.

Ok, thanks. So when I can pull them apart until I add the sulfide photocells? Thanks.

This is common sence. pull them apart when you need one wire, or keep them together when you have 2 wires running parrallel


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