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555 timer chip guy:
I gust fond out that you can make you own BS2 for $15 I am trying to make the BS2SX here are the schematics for the BS2 and BS2SX.

polar bear6:
i saw this too for some time ago, but you need the PIC16C57 from Parrallax.
they have flashed/burnt/programmed it in a special and secret way.
there is the kit, i dont remember if you could just by they chip, and make the rest yourself.
its only 30$, which is pretty cheap for a BS2!

May I ask what a BS2 is?   ???

bs2= Basic Stamp 2, it is a programmable stamp made by parallax.

Oh.  I should have figured that.  Hmmm, very intersting.

Thanks  ;D


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