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Problem with GWS Mini-Servo


Hi, I'm trying to build the $50 robot and I have a problem with the servos. I replaced them and now when I plug them in, they just kind of jitter.

I'm using GWS Mini Servo with the same-ish stats as the HS-311 servo:


Do I have to change the code of the delays because of the different servo? Or do I have to modify it for continous rotation as in the tutorial? (Admin, could use your help again)  ;D

--- Code: ---delay_cycles(500);
--- End code ---

OK I've made some developments. I think the problem is this code in the photovore.c file:

--- Code: ---left_servo(44)
--- End code ---

I think this is supposed to make it rotate at a certain speed. I'm using a different servo type than the HS-311 in the tutorial (GWS Mini Servo with similiar capabilities) and mine just seem to rotate to a certain angle.

I read through the tutorial on servos, so I'm guessing I'm going to have to modify them for continuous rotation. Did anyone else who has managed to get the $50 robot working have to modify the servos as well or were they OK straight away? Or maybe there is some code I could use to make my robot "go" using angles rather than speed (if that is easier)?

Any help is much appreciated!

yup. you'll need to modify your servos for continuous rotation.
it's not actually mentioned in the $50 instructions but it's the only way you can get a servo to spin continuously.

sounds like you are nearing completion. well done!

(hey Admin, i think the tutorial needs an addition...)

Here's a link to the "Modifying a Servo" Tutorial.  Try to understand the concept behind it cause servos, though they will be the same in concept, may largely vary in design.




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