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Atmel ATNGW100 that runs linux


For those who like powerful controllers this new Atmel that can run linux looks really impressive, and its only $69!

for a quick rundown
and the official site

some features:

ATtiny24 board controller interface

Serial interfaces include RS232, USART, I2S, AC97, TWI/I2C, SPI, PS/2, and several synchronous serial modules (SSC)

16-bit stereo audio DAC

2048x2048 pixel TFT/STN LCD controller

high-speed USB 2.0 "B" client port with on-chip transceivers (PHY)

two 10/100 Ethernet MACs

Bridging between interfaces that run incompatible serial protocols

Routing/filtering of traffic between two TCP/IP networks

Routing/filtering data between TCP/IP, USB, and SD cards

Thats pretty sweet.


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