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motor gear trouble


i have a couple of motors with spur gears on them. i don't need them anymore so i dont care if the gears brake. but i cant get the dang things of using plyers. how else can i get these things off. they dont use  a keyed shaft or anything like that they are just stuck there. i want to atach a clamp hub with a sprocket on them.

It sounds like its a tight press fit, and it will require a lot of force to remove it; if you don't have a gear puller then you will have to improvise. One, if you don't care if the spur gear gets demolished and if you can get access to a large bench vice, then you could probably just put it in there and "smoosh/squeeze" it off. If you don't have access to a vice then you should quickly heat up the spur gear (with a blowtorch for about 10 seconds), then quickly use a rod a little thinner than the shaft- brace the gear between something and give it a good whack with a hammer. I've included a picture description.

that's a pretty good looking hammer you got there  :P
I've done that, but without heating and it works good
also sticking needlenose pliers between the motor casing and the gear has worked.

thanks guys the hammer idea worked well


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