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looking for cheap TTL to RS232; not max232


I was wondering, is there a full duplex chip that doesn't require any shorts or connections or capacitors.    I've worked with the MAX232 but I fee like it's an unnecessary pain to add capacitors.  Even with the MAX233, you still have to short a couple of the leads...again, what's with the extra work?  Is there a simple chip where all you connect is power, ground, UART I/O and RS232 I/O?  Mind you, full duplex, I've also DS275, but even with that, you have to short one pair of leads and it's only half duplex.


I've never found one. I use the DS-275 for most of my older stuff, although now I've started switching to USB solutions.

- Jon

Just curious... Why does it matter so much to short a few leads? I mean, it doesn't take two seconds.

I like clean board with as few connections as possible... and I'm lazy...


PS, sorry about the double post, didn't think the first one went through.

the MAX232 is actually like one or two decades old technology, there are many other better ICs today that offer rs232 functionality without the pains you mention - just search digikey for 'rs232'

digikey has like 450+ types in DIP alone . . .


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