Author Topic: Using $50 robot board for Palm Powered Robot (And possibly bluetooth control)  (Read 4426 times)

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Hey guys, I was wondering something.  I'm building a Palm Powered Robot http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~reshko/PILOT/ .  Here is the board they suggest using.  http://www.pontech.com/details/6   Do you think I could build a custom board (like the one used in the $50 robot), to use instead?  It communicates with the palm through serial.  Which is fine.  I initially though I could maybe communicate between the robot and palm with bluetooth,but that'd be useless, cause then I could just use my laptop to control the robot instead.  What I want to do is use the bluetooth in the palm as a connection to my computer.  Do you think it'd be possible?
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On the face of things it looks as if you could custom build a board to do that. There may be a particular function that board has that is needed but if not then you could easily incorperate a serial connection into the $50 robot board.


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