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Universal Servomotor Bracket Assembly

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I need one of those and i saw that it costs about 40$. Is there any way i can have a plan with these specific dimensions in order to build one of my own?! I will use it for a servomotor: hitec HS-322. Need HELP! Please!

anyone of these would work.
I'd get the ones on the far right

man i'm talking of making this thing of my own. to build it! need the dimensions, an autocad plan or something


--- Quote from: ed1380 on April 24, 2007, 05:26:14 AM ---anyone of these would work.
I'd get the ones on the far right

--- End quote ---

Hmm, I've got those mounts and used them for a while. They're pretty decent, but don't exert too much weight on the servos, since the mounts are connected to your base by only one screw, so it does bend after a while. I had around 5-6 kg resting on two wheels connected with these mounts, and the sag in the wheels was very noticeable after a while (a few days).

If you don't overload the mounts, they're great though :)

so you have these brackets? may i have a dimensions plan of them?


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