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$50 robot and RadioShack

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I live near Mankato MN, does anyone know of hobby shops around there that would carry everything for the $50 robot.

There is a Radio Shack... they could order it if they offer the parts. http://www.radioshack.com/category/index.jsp?categoryId=2032230&cp=2032058

Can you help me find what I'm missing?

Hitec HS-311 servo (modify the servo) -- Can you find it at there website?
5V Linear Regulator -- 276-1770
ATmega8 AVR -- Can you find it at there website?
28 pin DIP socket -- Can I add a 20 and a 8 one to make 28?
220uF+ Electrolytic Capacitor -- 272-1029
.1uF Ceramic Capacitor -- Catalog #: 272-1053 0.1 uF Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor??
36 position breakaway male header -- umm... What? Can you find this?
340ohm resistor -- 271-1113 (330 ohm) & 271-1101 (10 ohm) Hope I can do this!
1.62Kohm resistor -- Can I have 1000 + 470 + 150 = 1620?
LED -- 276-041
CdS Photoresistors -- 276-1657
Grid-Style PC Board with 356 Holes  -- Model # 276-149

Enclosed 4 AA Battery Holder (with On/Off switch)
9V Battery -- Got this
6v 2000mah -- bet I can find this
NiMH Battery -- bet I can find this
AVR STK Serial Port Dongle Programmer -- This is optional? Can I still program it?
AVR ISP2 Programmer -- This is optional? Can I still program it?

anyreason you do not wish to order from digikeys?
if you get over $25 worth of stuff it's worth it.
$50 robot costs about $20 on their site.

I don't order stuff online. It's a mix of the internet not being 100% save and me not checking for fraud that often.

Hmm.. so I usually get my servos online. I think the only other places to get them would be RC Hobby shops. I tried looking for servos at other places like Radioshack, but all I got was a "Huh? ???" in response :P

the internet is pretty safe, I make as little purchases as possible, but if you call digikey will take money order, but it'll take longer


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